Soma, what’s in a name?

Soma is an ancient word and used around the world, many of the meanings are relevant to what we do

1. soma (plural somas or somata)

  1. (anatomy) The whole axial portion of an animal, including the head, neck, trunk, and tail.
  2. (cytology) The bulbous part of a neuron, containing the cell nucleus.

The soma and long axons of our neurons compose and recompose with other neurons in both our body and mind. 

2. soma f (plural some)

  1. the load borne by a pack animal
  2. the measure of the capacity of a given animal to bear a load
  3. a travel bag

The weight you can safely move with is important. The neurological input of weight improves tendon resilience, bone density, muscle strength. This might be body weight or safe resistance and weight training - Dave loves kettlebells.

3. soma 

  1. soma (medicine) 
  2. A ritual drink in ancient Vedic and continuing Hindu culture, obtained by pressing the Soma plant.
  3. (by extension) any kind of intoxicating drug

Soma is the sacred medicine of life. At Soma we are interested in hormesis, which are ways of stressing the body with safe amounts of activities and substances that are produce productive adaptive responses in the body. Apart from careful stimulation with burning toxic Moxa or needles to promote healthy adaptation, we are also experienced in safe exercise progression, hormetic foods and fasting, whole body heat and cold therapies (thermogenesis).

Intoxication is an interesting subject when it comes to Soma. There is even a pharmaceutical called Soma that disconnects 'pain' or nociceptive signals coming from the muscles to the mind. At Soma we interested in natural ways of re-presenting your body to your mind - to feel better, in less pain and more integrated.


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