Shiatsu & Zenthai Shiatsu

Zenthai Shiatsu

'Zenthai' is a new emergence of three traditions by Gwyn Williams. The modality blends Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnoses with Traditional Thai and modern French Osteopathic techniques.

Gwyn's background as martial artist, yogi and surfer comes through the delivery of Zenthai. Zenthai has a signature flow in it's delivery: whilst in a deep state of surrender you are rocked, pulsed, pressed, unwound.

Along with so many others, I have a deep gratitude to Gwyn as a mentor in bodywork and life.

Practicing stillness and doing further studies in Eastern and Western bodywork enables ongoing discoveries of nuance and depth within every Zenthai session.

Zenthai is a powerful reset for behavioural and emotional holding in the body. If used in combination with movement therapies like Yoga and Myotherapy I've found it to be very effective in changing persistent pain and emotional patterns.


A more traditional Shiatsu session is highly tonifying and integrative for those experiencing sensitivity or fatigue. It differs from Zenthai in that the progression is slower, and can be performed on a table to enable a neutral neck position for those who struggle lying with head to one side.

Shiatsu is continuous with Japanese Acupuncture, drawing on similar diagnostic and treatment approaches - the noted exception being the use of needles in Acupuncture.

Dave's approach to Shiatsu draws on Japanese Meridian Therapy which carefully and sensitively monitors the responses in pulse and body tone related to the stimulus provided. The stimulus is from light touch to deep, sinking acupressure, precise thread moxa, and very subtle energy contact with a thin copper rod called a teishin.




Price $95/1hr, $130/90mins, $170/2 hours