Dave Monson

B.Env Pl (hons 1), Adv Dip Myotherapy, Dip Shiatsu, Dip Remedial Massage

treatments offered: Myotherapy, Traditional and Zenthai Shiatsu

mob: 0415 731 400

email: dave@somatherapies.com.au

mob: 0415 731 400


Soma Therapies - Red Door West End Mon 10-1, Wed 2-7, Thurs 4.30-7.30, Friday 4.30 - 7.30 Saturdays 11am-3pm

Inclusive Health Clinic - 15 Hope St South Brisbane, Thurs (12pm-4pm), Fri (8.30am-4pm)

prices: 1hr: $95, 90min: $120. Eftpos and health rebate receipts available (Please book for Myotherapy if you wish to claim).  Mobile treatments: 1hr  $120, 90 mins: $150 (with 10km radius of Soma Therapies)

If you have a Health Care Card you can subsidised treatments at the Inclusive Health Clinic ph 3013 6050 for bookings

Areas of interest:

  • Persistent pain and musculoskeletal challenges
  • Strength and stability for older people
  • Movement and exercise therapy
  • Body emotion, acceptance and integration
  • Mindfulness and adaptive practices

It brings me great joy to support others in building physical confidence and new understandings of how their body is represented in their mind. I love having a range of approaches from exercise, education, manual therapies to mindfulness to support clients in finding more presence, ease and vitality.



I love body-work and massage and believe it to be an important experience in itself. Although much research is still needed, a recent review found manual therapy can modulate or alter our pain experience. It can also integrate and connect different parts of our neurological system. It can also help us heal, rest and digest through activating our parasympathetic nervous system, and increase the range of motion of restricted joints.

There is a great body of contemporary research that makes it undeniable that to address long-term persistent pain, stiffness and fatigue in the body we need to look at internalised vulnerability through changing beliefs around the causes of pain, engaging in more enjoyable life activities, exercise, strength training, mindfulness.

This is particularly the case for many classic areas of pain such as lower back pain; where injury or 'tissue pathology' actually plays a much smaller role than we used to think.

So if you are seeing me longer-term and your goals relate to persistent musculoskeletal issues you need to be prepared to take on these more 'holistic' aspects of yourself and your thinking around pain.

Pain might be a part of life, but it should never stop us from doing the things that we are enjoy and are capable of.

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Kwong Chan (MD, PhD)

I really enjoy my treatment sessions with Dave. Being both a Chinese and a Medical educator myself, I have the opportunity to meet a lot of therapists throughout my life. Dave is definitely one of the most talented therapist I have ever come across. He is in-tune with the client’s body and state of well being. I rarely need to tell him much about what is going on and what need to be done. He is able to intuitively work with my body and release the blockages when appropriate. He is a great listener if need to be, his presence in the session is very therapeutic. He brings with him this calm vibration of a healer, which makes you feel that you have nothing to worry about. He is able to work with you at where ever you are physically, emotionally and spiritually. Being both a Body Psychotherapist and Buddhist Psychotherapist myself, I can see how Dave’s Zen-Thai approach is able to address the needs of the client in multiple levels. It is indeed a holistic healing experience. I would highly recommend Dave to any one who needs in depth holistic healing sessions. Until now I still can’t help to think how lucky am I to run into him on a Saturday morning at the West End Market, and is able to start my journey of inner healing with his facilitation.

Nirvana Pilkington (Yoga and Acro-Yoga Teacher)

Dave is a wonderful practitioner who harnesses his own inner calm to intuitively connect to the client before him. Friendly, warm and unassuming, he creates a space for the client to let go, making the treatment more effective in the process. Dave’s skills are fluidly delivered showing a mastery of skill and intuitively works with the body knowing when to be light or to delve into deeper pressure. His passion for his skill is seen in his continuous studies and pursuit of in depth knowledge in other forms related to his zen thai work. I too have worked as massage therapist and teach physical arts so can be very selective in treatments I receive. However, I know with Dave, the treatment will release, relax and unwind my often tired and tight body and he is the massage therapist that I recommend to all my friends and clients.

Ursula Thiessen

I love my treatments with Dave and maybe I’m his most furthest away client, coming all the way from Cairns. I haven’t managed to come to Brisbane and NOT have treatments with Dave. I find Dave sensitive and strong at the same time and he always finds the spots that need work. In one treatment I even had some emotional release and I have no idea what that was about. But I felt safe with Dave to just let it happen and not go too much into intellectualising it. Every treatment is different and I like that too, as you have to be open to what might happen in the moment.