Briony practices a pulse-guided form of Japanese Acupuncture that is gently subtle in its approach to regulating and nourishing the body before working to alleviate symptoms.

A classical approach in a modern clinic

Three promises from us:

  1. Quality healthcare that focuses on the person and not just a diagnosis.
  2. A safe and comfortable environment that promotes and enhances whole body healing.
  3. Customized treatments for each patient...because you are unique.

What to expect from an acupuncture treatment with Briony


After taking your case history and medical details, the session begins with a hands on diagnostic process - your pulse, tongue and abdomen give information that will inform the treatment.


This involves gentle touch on your hands, feet and belly, sensing temperature and quality of your skin and the finer details of your pulse.


Treatment begins with a soft, hands on tissue release and then gentle application of high quality, super fine needles at acupoints, or use of a teishin (non-inserstion) for the needle phobic;

Moxabustion - burning of pure mugwort on treatment points or tight muscles.


Let the healing relaxation begin....!

Private health rebates available for Acupuncture in your extras cover

Price $80/hr

Acupuncture Evidence Project

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Exciting new studies are demonstrating how acupuncture gets to the source of disease.

Pains and needles: brain scans point to hidden effects of acupuncture